Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Finally in Texas (howdy)

Okay, so a little break from all of Sarah's updates. We are now in Texas, well, have actually been here for a couple of weeks. I drove the UHaul from San Francisco to here only to have the AC go out on me two hrs. outside of the bay. Sarah and Sean flew to Alamagordo, NM to spend a couple of days with her grandparents and met up with her mom, dad and Diane there as well. I got there late one afternoon and spent the night with all of Sarah's family, and took off super early the next morning to finish the drive.

We eventually all met up in Austin just before midnight and drove the final few hrs. to our new home in College Station, awaiting my first term as a grad student at Texas A&M. Our place wasn't going to be ready for a week, so Steve and Jen were gracious enough to let us use their house till it was ready. We have been in our apartment for a week now, still not fully unpacked, and are slowly (if at all) adjusting to the heat and humidity of east Texas. So far so good, and wish us luck on our new adventure.