Friday, May 14, 2010

Sean's first time in the pool!

Play Date with Max!

On May 7th, we got to have Sean's friend Max over to play.  We had a blast!  I wish we could have taken more pictures, but with our camera, we were lucky to even get these!  (Sorry, most of them are blurry.  Have I mentioned how much I dislike our camera??)

If babies could talk.... (Fortunately, this was all silent!)
Max:  Oh!  I want this one!

Sean:  No, that's my ball!

Sean:  Mine!

Max:  I saw it first!  And I'm the guest!
Sean:  :(

Max:  I win!
Sean:  Mom, he took my toy.

They really did have a great time!  They "played" really well together, especially after Sean got used to the idea of Max playing with his toys!

Sean's First Teeth

Sean cut his first tooth almost two weeks ago, May 2nd! His second tooth came in a week later (Mother's Day). It's so cute seeing him smile with teeth!  In a way, though, I really miss his gummy smile!  He's just growing up so fast! 

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


I really do have a good excuse for not posting lately!  Our camera is dying/dead.  Most of the time the lens won't come out at all and we can't take any pictures.  Every once in a while, it will let us take a picture, but it won't focus... which means the picture is pointless as you can't see anything!  Grrr!

We have some random decent shots that I'll try to put up soon, but mostly just a few blurry pictures.  :(  We'll have to get a new camera!