Sunday, September 30, 2012

Sean's birthday cake

I loved this years cake!  There is simply no way to mess up a construction site cake.  Seriously.  In fact, it looks better if it's not perfect!  It was so much less stressful than previous years (stand-up veggie tales cake and stand-up Thomas the Train cake).  And the best part?  Sean helped decorate it!

Sean's 3rd Birthday

It's crazy to think that Sean is already 3!  He is such a smart, fun, sweet, and handsome boy and I am so lucky to be his mommy.  This year, we had an AWESOME birthday party, all about construction trucks!  It was originally supposed to be at the park, so the kids could play in the rocks, but, of course, there just had to be thunderstorms all day long.  ;)  So, we brought the construction site inside and it was a blast!

The crew clocked in on their time cards first with dot markers.  They then got to put on their personalized hard hat.  (See the wad of play money?  They each got a dollar at the end for their work!)

The food table with birthday banner.  The kids especially loved the tires (donuts) and caution cones (candy corn), of course.

The parents lounge.  :)

Construction Zone!  I was so bummed that they couldn't play with the rocks at the park that I went to Home Depot and bought rocks.  They LOVED it!  (And they did a really impressive job of keeping the rocks in the construction area for eight 2- and 3-year-olds.)

 All eight members of Sean's birthday construction crew!

 Sean with his birthday cake that he helped decorate.

Jeff and another dad were brave enough to hold up the pinata.  Thanks guys!

 The top broke off when we were only halfway through the kids!  So, the other dad bravely held the pinata in his hands for the last four.  Whew!  Crisis averted!

Pin the Wrecking Ball on the crane... or rather help knock down the building with your wrecking ball!

Presents!  Sean got some awesome gifts from his friends.

Overall, a super fun 3rd birthday party!  Happy Birthday, Sean!  (And a huge thank you to Jeff, who not only took all of the pictures but helped keep me somewhat sane for the party by helping out!)

Thursday, September 20, 2012