Sunday, March 28, 2010

6 Months Old

Happy 6 Months, Sean!  I really can't believe that it's already been 6 months since he was born.  He is such a joy to have around and he has such a personality!  Sean is very expressive and energetic.  I "knew" he was going to be a handful when he kicked me 24/7 when I was pregnant - I was right!  He definitely keeps us on our toes -  in a good way!

Here's what Sean's been up to:
  • He loves to roll around.  That's his mode of transportation around the apartment.  He can easily get from one side of the room to the other by quickly log rolling across.  He is super close to scooting, which is scary, because he's already getting into everything!  He tries to crawl inch-worm style, but can't move more than a few centimeters at best.
  • He's started solids!  Yay!  He already LOVES food!
  • He can sit up unsupported.
  • He's an outdoor boy and loves being outside.
  • He constantly laughs and giggles.  
  • He's super ticklish - everywhere.  
  • He loves rough and tumble play with his daddy.
  • He got to swing in a baby swing for the first time and thought it was the greatest thing in the whole world.
 (Picture taken by Jeff!)

Saturday, March 27, 2010

San Francisco!

Last Saturday, we went to San Francisco with our friends John, Christy, and Max (8 1/2 months).  It was quite a trip with the babies, but it was fun!

We hit Fisherman's Wharf first.  Sean, of course, decided that crossing the bridge over here was much more exciting.  By the time we got out of the car, he was asleep.

Yay! Sean's awake!  Too bad he blinked.... Here's us and Alcatraz.

Daddies and Babies

Sea lions at Pier 39

(We then went to Ghiradelli's Square, but have zero pictures.... maybe because we were too busy eating the chocolate samples?  Or was it my hot fudge sunday?)

My absolute favorite part of the trip - the whole reason Jeff and I were planning this trip to begin with!!  The picnic in the "Full House park" as I call it.  :)  Full House was my absolute favorite show growing up - probably still is.  During the theme song it shows them having a picnic in a park across the street from the Painted Ladies.  For years I have dreamed of having a picnic there someday.  (I really wish I was exaggerating here, but I'm not.)  We finally got to go there!  I can not tell you how giddy I was when I first saw the houses!  (Jeff would be more than happy to tell you - he couldn't stop laughing at me!)  It really just made my day.
Mommies and Babies

The park is very hilly - not flat like the show makes it out to be.  We could tell where the picnic spot was for the show, but there were a ton of people there.  So, we opted for a picnic bench next to the playground.  It was still so fun to be there!  I'll have to go back again before we move.  I think I'll just squeeze my way in with all of the people!  Maybe we'll even be able to drive by the actual house?  Hmmm, maybe I'm pushing it.

The playground had baby swings - perfect for Sean and Max!  They both absolutely loved it.  Sean laughed the entire time!  (I bet it helped having Daddy say "Boo!")  We have a video, but need to get it up.  (Add that to the list of videos we have promised to post....)

Overall a great trip!  We were simply exhausted by the end!

Friday, March 26, 2010

Favorite Photo Friday

For the past month or so, Sean has been rolling around like crazy.  He gets into everything and he's not even crawling yet!  One of his favorite things to do is log roll across the room... and then get upset when something blocks him...

This is where Sean ended up when I was trying to fold laundry.  He started off on the opposite side of the room with me.  Apparently laundry is boring.

Mom, why can't I keep rolling?

Much better.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Favorite Photo Friday

Max and Sean have a play date!  Let's play soccer!  (This lasted about long enough for us to grab our cameras... then Max crawled off and Sean rolled away...)

Friday, March 12, 2010

Graduate Schools

A quick post about graduate schools. I originally applied for the Masters of Landscape Architecture at quite a bit of schools to ensure getting into at least one. Well, we have heard back from 4 schools so far, and 3 have said yes. I have gotten into Florida A&M, Texas A&M and University of Texas-Arlington. University of Illinois said no, but no real lost there, were tired of the really cold winters. Once we hear back from most schools we will make our decisions. Wish us luck.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Sean is Sitting Up!

Yay!  Sean can sit up!  He can finally sit up without falling over after a few seconds!  He can last a good five-ten minutes without collapsing.  It's a good start!

We tried to capture it on video... and got it!  He kept looking at the video camera (which made him topple...), so Veggie Tales saved the day again!  Yay Sean!

We'll post the video soon!  Just wanted to share the good news!  :)

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Finally! Sean's 1st Haircut

Well, Sean came into this world with his hair already covering his ears... but I kept putting off cutting his hair. He could make it to a year, right? Um, no. He really shouldn't have even lasted this long. Anyways, I finally convinced myself that it was time. Jeff and I teamed up for the job, and did pretty good, considering we had no idea what we were doing!  Sean did really well, thanks to Veggie Tales.  I just hate how much older he looks!


First Hair Cut!


Friday, March 5, 2010

Favorite Photo Friday

Today's "favorite photo" is actually a series of photos....  I'll just let the pictures explain.

This is Sean when I first put him into his crib (he LOVES looking at his mobile).

When I was finished making the bed, this is what I saw.

He's done this before, so I thought I'd capture his movements on camera - next time I'll get the video camera!  It's a good thing he only does this during the day and not at night (so far)! 

Whew! I'm tired just watching that!  And that's only a portion of what he usually does!