Saturday, October 30, 2010

Halloween (and other fall activities)

Well, we have had a busy month. So, we decided to show you some of our Fall outings. As you can see, Sean is much bigger now, and can walk just fine on his own.

At the Bryan Fall Festival. Sean saw a lot of cool things he had never seen before.

Turning over the rubber duckies looking for a prize.

Petting a Boa Constrictor.

Standing next to the train, getting ready for a ride.
Choo chooooo, choo chooooo.
Sean got to ride on this big turtle. It crawled
all around and Sean loved it.

Going to the pumpkin patch. Gotta find the
perfect one.

Found it.

Now it's time to paint it.

Time for the best part, trick-or-treating.
He was a fericous looking lion.
Checking out the goods with mom.
"Where to next mom?"

Starting to get a little tired.

Break time. It was dark out by now, so he kept
going towards the lighted areas.
Okay, time to go home now.
Hey, how did this happen. Oh well, his first taste of candy.
He just pulled off the wrapper.

Checking out all the goods.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Pictures from Sean's Birthday (LONG)

Last week, September 28th, Sean turned ONE! I can't believe it!  Most of the festivities were held on Saturday, so that Jeff could be there. We went out for Mexican food, where Sean got to wear his party hat.

He did NOT like his party hat. (This picture makes me cringe, thinking he's going to snap himself - I just need to keep reminding myself that I caught it before it happened!)

He loves coloring (although we're pretty sure that the missing tip of the purple crayon ended up in his belly).

After the restaurants and presents comes his cake! If you know Sean, you know that he goes crazy for Veggie Tales - he is obsessed with it. So, I just had to do a Veggie Tales cake. Growing up, the birthday cakes were always done by my Aunt Shari - and they were amazing! I was so tempted to fly her out here to do Sean's (and I'm sure it would have looks much better)! Overall, it was fun, but I'm definitely going to have to take some cake decorating classes - I had no idea what I was doing! I'm just glad that I had a cake decorating kit that my cousin, Jon, gave me a while back. (Thanks, Jon!)

Hmmm, what are Bob and Larry doing here?

Daddy helping Sean blow out his candle.

What is this blob...

First taste

Not so sure

Tearing pieces off to throw on the ground.

Checking to see if Bob and Larry are still there.

Sneaking some cake to Bob and Larry.

Going to lick the chocolate off the tray

Finger Painting with Cake.  Yum.

Cake Zombie

 Hurray for Birthdays!

On his actual birthday (Tuesday), we went up to campus to have lunch with Daddy.  Sean got his first Happy Meal of apple juice, apples, and chicken nuggets.

It was a very happy birthday.  Thank you to everyone who helped make this birthday a special one!  It's hard to believe that my baby is now a walking toddler!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Finally in Texas (howdy)

Okay, so a little break from all of Sarah's updates. We are now in Texas, well, have actually been here for a couple of weeks. I drove the UHaul from San Francisco to here only to have the AC go out on me two hrs. outside of the bay. Sarah and Sean flew to Alamagordo, NM to spend a couple of days with her grandparents and met up with her mom, dad and Diane there as well. I got there late one afternoon and spent the night with all of Sarah's family, and took off super early the next morning to finish the drive.

We eventually all met up in Austin just before midnight and drove the final few hrs. to our new home in College Station, awaiting my first term as a grad student at Texas A&M. Our place wasn't going to be ready for a week, so Steve and Jen were gracious enough to let us use their house till it was ready. We have been in our apartment for a week now, still not fully unpacked, and are slowly (if at all) adjusting to the heat and humidity of east Texas. So far so good, and wish us luck on our new adventure.

Friday, July 23, 2010


Any guesses what this preview picture meant?  Yup, my baby sister, Diane, just graduated high school (May 28th)!  That meant a road trip down to AZ!

 Huge graduating class!

My mom and dad

Congratulations, Diane!  Have fun up at BYU-Idaho!

Sunday, July 11, 2010


We love Pixar!  And we're not just saying that because our friend, John, works there.  :)

I've had lunch with John, Christy, and little Max a few times at Pixar, and what an experience!  Not only is the food super yummy, but they have great displays and artwork of the latest movie.  Oh, and then they have fun statues for fans to take pictures by!  This is just a collection of random pictures from the different times we've been there.

Remember this picture from the preview?  Well, we found Mater and Lightning McQueen in the parking lot!  We just had to get pictures with these celebrities.  ;)

(Do you like how both Sean and I are blinking in this second one?  Haha)

Ok, this was cool.  We walked in one time and there was a huge life-sized Barbie dream house!  Even cooler - we got to go up to the second floor with an army guy as our tour guide!  We even dressed in green for the occasion.  Haha.
Checking out Ken's closet... Sean liked trying on the hats.

Yummy food

Thank you, friends!