Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Sean's Little Adventure at Outback Steakhouse

Tonight we went with our friends John and Christy (and little Max) to Outback Steakhouse in celebration of their new house (Thank you! It was delish!).

I was holding Sean on my lap, playing with him, when an Asian lady from the table across from us came up. In broken English, she told me that she didn't have any food right then so she could hold him for me (the funny thing is, we didn't have any food yet either). I laughed, thinking she was joking. (I get tons of people always saying things like that - babies do that to people!)

Before I was finished laughing, she took Sean from my arms and took him back to her table. I was in shock! And so was Jeff and our friends. I was so surprised that she actually took him! Jeff went over immediately and tried to get him back. He had to explain that Sean was still sick before she let him go. (And only then after her teenage daughter translated for her - that girl was soo embarrassed for her mom.) The rest of dinner until she left was so awkward.

After she left, a nearby family asked Jeff if we knew them. He said that we had no idea who she was, and that he thought it was kind of freaky. They said that they, and all of the other families around thought that they were watching some kind of TV show - everyone stopped what they were doing to watch. They said they could tell that Jeff was not too happy about what happened!

On the up side, Sean didn't even cry with her - maybe he was in much of a shock as I was! I remember saying over and over again "She just took my baby! I cannot believe she just took my baby!" while Jeff was retrieving him. It all happened in seconds but made the rest of the night so awkward until they left!

What a night! It was still super fun and, again, super yummy. (Thank you, John and Christy! We owe you!)

Monday, December 28, 2009

3 Months Old!

I can't believe Sean is already 3 months!  He is such a happy little guy and already so different than he was even a few weeks ago!  I love it!  Here's a break-down of Sean now:

  • He smiles, coos, and laughs all the time and it's the cutest thing ever.  He also has a fascination with the camera and video camera and stops whatever he is doing when it magically comes out... Hopefully that will change soon so I can get a picture of his cute smile!
  • I can actually put him down!  This is my second favorite of his achievements!  I love that I can finally eat something during the day!  (I couldn't put him down for anything, including sleep, for the longest time.)
  • He loves to "talk" - to us, to his toys, to random strangers, to his reflection, and to his friend Max!
  • He discovered his hands and his feet.  He started out staring at them for days (so cute!), then swatting at toys, and now he's starting deliberately reaching for them!  He still doesn't grab them yet, on purpose at least (unless it's his Momma's hair!).
  • He loves being in the Baby Bijorn carrier, especially when Momma is vacuuming.
  • He loves his bouncer chair, overhead toys, and mobile.  He loves the toys and talking to them.  I have a remote to his mobile, so I randomly turn it off.  He has to talk to get it to turn back on!  He giggles like crazy when he gets it to turn back on!  The other night, I woke up to him talking to the mobile in the dark.  Too cute.  (Much cuter than crying!)
  • He does better in public!  Finally!  He can go through all three hours of church (just about) without screaming.  (This is huge - remember his baby blessing?)
  • He loves his Daddy.  Well, this isn't new.  :)  He's was a huge Momma's Boy before, and now he'll let his Daddy take him almost as much as his Momma!  (What a relief!)
  • He still rolls over from his back to his side and back easily.  He's trying to roll all the way over and gets frustrated when he can't!
  • He actually likes being on his back better than tummy time!
  • He'll let me change his clothes and diaper without crying!  (We're still working on Daddy...)
  • He'd rather sleep by himself than in my arms!  (I cannot tell you how much I love this!)
  • He loves looking at the baby who's stuck in the mirror.
  • He watches me eat, and then wants to eat, too!
  • He loves movement.  We dance and sway all the time!
  • He has some extra rolls... haha.
  • The big one?  He's not a fussy baby anymore!!  (At least, for the most part.  He still has his moments, but nothing like he was before!)

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Sean's First Christmas!

We had a great Christmas this year! It was just wonderful.

We took Sean to see Santa on the 23rd. Even though it took a while waiting in line, Sean did great. We bought that Christmas shirt for him last month thinking that he would still be able to fit in size 0-3 months.  Wrong!  So, he's sporting it as a muscle shirt. (I can't believe that most of his outfits now are either 3-6 months or 6 months! He's so tall and chubby!)

Santa was great, but not very talkative!  He didn't even say "Ho ho ho!  Merry Christmas!"  Sad!  Sean was very unsure of the situation, but was captivated by the people going up and down on the nearby escalator.

Christmas started later at 8:30, as both Sean and Momma were sick and sleepy.

Santa came!  (And Grandparents... Thank you!)

Sean and his stocking.

Sean's present from Santa!  He absolutely loved it!  His reaction was Momma and Daddy's Christmas present!

We had a perfect Christmas - our favorite Christmas ever!  At least, so far.  We hope everyone had as wonderful a Christmas.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

O Christmas Tree!

We went shopping for our Christmas tree at the very beginning of December and found the perfect one right away! (The cold air might have helped the process a bit....)

The tree is a bit bare where decorations are concerned, but that will improve over the years (especially when Sean will be able contribute with homemade ornaments!). You have to start somewhere!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Random Pictures of Sean

Better late than never! He smiles and laughs all the time, but we have yet to capture it with out camera! (We have a million pictures of his after-smile face.) Even with the video camera, he'll stop what he's doing and just stare at it... Little stinker!

1 Month Old:

2 months old:

Big Boy!

Not-so-little Sean measured at a whopping 25 inches at his appointment, putting him in the 97th percentile for height! He also weighed 12 lbs 12 oz, putting him in the 75th percentile for weight!

Our pediatrician: "So, is your husband really tall?"

Colds and Shots

Little Sean got sick with his first cold last Saturday (5th) (and got us sick as well.) Sean was miserable for a whole week, poor little guy.

Then, on top of his cold, he had his first round of shots last Thursday (10th). Fortunately, he was starting to get better, but even then, shots are no fun. (His pediatrician said that the only time they don't give shots is if the he has a fever, which Sean didn't.)

Sean was a trooper with his shots! I was so surprised! Even the nurse said that he handled his shots better than most babies she has seen. (I think that was the first time anyone told me a had a well-behaved baby! Sean's our little screamer!) I guess after that long week of getting poked and prodded in the hospital, a few little shots were nothing. :)